Electric Guitar Packages

We offer three custom packages to ensure you have everything you need to get started.


Our electric guitar packages will save you time, money, effort and frustration! Every item in each electric guitar package has been teacher/performer selected for it’s quality and usefulness in real world playing. We believe every tool should contribute to an on going learning process that only proven products can provide. For this reason we do not use generic string packages with questionable intonation issues or picks that are not really effective or fulfill a technical purpose. Our tuners are faster and easier to use than low end models and our cases represent the industry standards.
  • Basic Package: This package is for those players who only need a basic set up for their practice and playing or are working within a specific budget. A padded gig bag to protect your instrument, extra strings to replace worn or broken strings, a string winder for fast, accurate and easy string changing and assorted picks for various lead and rhythm styles. If you are not in need of a tuner or other accessories then this is a great package to start with!
  • Standard Package: This package contains everything you need for most standard playing and practice situations. It includes everything from the “Basic Package” plus an automatic chromatic tuner for fast, accurate and continuous tuning, a strap to support your guitar while sitting or standing.
  • Deluxe Package: The Deluxe Package just might give you the best possible advantage toward you’re musical goals if you are in need of a complete set up. It contains everything from the “Basic and Standard Package” plus a guitar stand and music stand. Your guitar is on its stand and ready to play and your music is out and available. A guitar on a stand is easily accessed and is played more often and your music on your music stand is ready for those spontaneous playing and practicing moments.