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Many private guitar teachers, guitar academies, private and public school music teachers are faced with the difficulty of trying to teach students on bad or unadjusted guitars on a daily basis. It can be frustrating when a new student comes in with a guitar that is just not good enough to learn on and you have to explain why their guitar will not work or serve them well.

We have solved these problems by providing students and teachers with guitars that we have seasoned and adjusted to exacting specifications so each guitar is extremely easy to play. Our guitars also sound great because the strings are easy to push down and hold, the notes ring clearly and the intonation is accurate as the strings are not bent out of tune from being too high off the fingerboard or from overly forcing the strings into the frets.

You can be confident in sending your students and their families to for guitars, accessories and educational resources. We are dedicated to providing the most playable guitars possible and accessories that are well made and easy to use. Learning and teaching will be rewarding and exciting for both the student and the teacher.

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A dedicated music teacher can be sensitive to the learning styles of his or her students and provide plenty of encouragement and guidance, but sometimes it is hard to help students find age appropriate, properly sized guitars that are properly adjusted and extremely easy to play.

As a private music teacher I was frustrated with the quality and playability of the instruments that many of my students had. They were difficult to use and interfered with the lessons and consequently the students’ private practice time. Obviously, these instruments hindered the development of the students potential. It was like construction workers or mechanics having to use cheap tools, they just wouldn’t hold up and slowed or prevented the completion of the job. Or it was like trying to meet an important deadline and all you had to work with was an old, slow computer with outdated software. The frustration of using these kinds of tools is that they impede the quality of the work and sometimes prevent it altogether.

When contrasted with the results of using poor quality tools, the solution seems quite simple . . . GET BETTER TOOLS! But what happens if you don’t know that you have poor quality tools because you’ve never experienced the work before? Or if you have experienced it you may think that it’s just the way it is. Chances are you will not want to stay with that kind of work even though you had a great desire for it before you were exposed to the use of the tools.

It is just these very circumstances that led me on a search to find good quality instruments for my students that could be properly adjusted to be very easy to play. Over time we built our own shop to do all of our guitar setups and adjustments in house. This has been a great benefit for the students, the parents, as well as for me in my role as a teacher because the lessons can be used for helping the students discover their potential and abilities rather than trying to play on guitars that are frustrating and essentially unplayable. In their private practice time my students can focus on enjoying their music, not fighting for control of their instrument. Our goal is to make these guitars available to as many teachers as possible so that, in turn, their students also have a better opportunity to learn.

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Attention Local Teachers

Are you looking for a teaching studio in a professional community where you have greater control over your teaching schedule?

Teach in an environment that is better for you and your students.

  • Develop and manage your own schedule
  • Family friendly
  • Large studios
  • Large waiting room
  • Musical instruments, books and supplies
  • Wi-Fi and copier
  • Local professional community of artists and teachers
  • Professional set up and Repair shop
  • Professional building
  • Ample parking

We are currently looking for an experienced guitar teacher who would like to be part of our teaching community in Lancaster, PA.


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