How our guitars can help you learn faster.

In recent decades, advances in the studies of physiology and neuroscience have enabled athletes to perform feats previously thought impossible. This is partly due to improvements in athletic equipment and the abandonment of a one-size-fits-all approach in favor of personalized gear. Removing hindrances allows for increased performance.

The same is true for musical instruments. Instruments that are hard to play are hard to learn on. Instruments that are easy to play are easy to learn on. Removing physical barriers to playing makes it easier to play. Removing barriers to learning makes it easier to learn.

Professional musicians, like professional athletes, use tools that are customized for ease of use. They are sized appropriately for the individual, and they are adjusted to professional specifications using precision tools.

If pro musicians play on personally adjusted instruments, why do beginning musicians play on completely unadjusted instruments? This is the equivalent of playing sports in the wrong sized shoes! Sadly, this is the norm. Many beginning guitarists are kids, and we are doing them a great disservice.

That’s why we do things differently here. We don’t make the guitars. We make them better. We make them easy to play. We make them easy to learn on. Using the same tools and the same techniques that professional luthiers use to make sure their instruments are in optimal condition for home, stage and studio.

Every guitar that we sell is adjusted to exacting specifications to ensure that it will be easy to play and easy to learn on. In fact, we adjust guitars for pros and beginners alike. 

Why do we do this? Because we are primarily an educational facility and we became fed up with the poor quality of the instruments our students were bringing in. The poor quality of their instruments made it difficult for us to help them learn. Students would quit, thinking they were unable to play the guitar, when in reality they just had a bad instrument.

We began to research guitar construction and repair in order to learn how to apply these techniques with our student guitars. We began to adjust their guitars to professional specifications and saw immediate improvements in their playing. Students who could not make an F chord ring clearly before were amazed at how easy it was to achieve this after their guitars were adjusted.

The guitars we sell on are the same guitars we make available to our students at our private teaching studios. Each guitar is professionally set up and adjusted so that it is easy to play and easy to learn on.