Acoustic Guitars – 30 Inch

“Out of the box” kids guitars in this size are simply unplayable.

We meticulously rework each guitar in our shop, transforming them into real instruments that your 4 – 6 year old can easily play.

Our 30 inch guitars help your children ages 4 to 6 develop proper technique and learn good technical playing habits.

The strings are easy to press down and kids find them comfortable to hold and play.

Although we invest more time and attention on these instruments than any other guitar we carry, the result is well worth it: a guitar that young children can actually play and enjoy.

Steel String Guitars for Ages 4 – 6

Ortega Nylon String Guitars for Ages 4 – 6



The Firstguitar Difference

It’s like having your own guitar tech:

Easy and convenient buying experience.

  • Guitar packages available – easily add a guitar tuner and other essentials to your order.
  • 6-Month financing available
  • No-hassle return policy
  • All inspections, adjustments, repairs, and modifications performed in our in-house workshop
  • Questions? Get answers directly from our teachers and guitar techs.

Whether you need an instrument for practicing or performing, FirstGuitar’s expertly-adjusted guitars provide kids with a top-quality instrument that’s guaranteed to be easy to play and learn on. Each guitar is meticulously inspected and adjusted to assure optimal playability and sound quality.

Unlike guitars you will buy anywhere else at the same price points, our guitars are treated in a very special and unique way and they are ready to play, right out of the box.

How can we help you? Get answers directly from our teachers and guitar techs.