Helpful hints for successful practice, Part 1

There seem to be as many different ways to practice as there are people who play. Try not to feel you have to practice a certain way. What is important is that you find a way that works best for you. The following are some helpful hints for you to consider when structuring your own practice routine.

  • Find a quiet location for practice.
  • Try to plan a regular practice time.
  • Set reasonable goals.
  • Practice in a well-lighted area.
  • Provide the proper tools and accessories for yourself: comfortable chair, music stand, tuning device, metronome, foot stool, pencil, etc.
  • Keep your instrument readily available. If possible, place it in a musical instrument stand next to your practice chair. You may find that you will pick it up more often.
Helpful Hints for Successful Practice: Part II
  • Set clear boundaries between different aspects of your practice:
    – Warm-up exercises
    – Reach and stretch exercises
    – Scales
    – Arpeggios
    – Chords
    – Lesson material
    – Repertoire
  • You may not be able to cover everything in one day, so spread it out over a few days.
  • Remember–set reasonable goals!
  • If you cannot concentrate, do NOT force it.
  • Keep a “practice record” chart.