Is Your Instrument Cracking Up?

The Effects of Heat and Humidity on Your Instrument

This is the season to watch for the drying effects of heat on your wood instrument. You may notice more string “buzz” on your frets, or if you look closely, you may find that your ebony or rosewood fingerboard and/or bridge may look unusually dry. You may also find that the edges of your frets may protrude more than usual. This and many other problems may be the result of too much dryness. There are a few things you can do to remedy some of these problems:

  • A guitar or case humidifier may help your instrument with dryness.
  • Fingerboard oil will help prevent unfinished woods on fingerboards and bridges from cracking.
  • Lemon oil will deep clean finishes and help replenish natural moisture loss.
  • A good polish will help protect the finish.

Remember, too much of a good thing is just as damaging as not enough. Keep your instrument from too many fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Avoid placing your instrument in attics and damp basements, around heaters and outside walls, in cars and trunks, and in direct sunlight. Keep your instrument in an environment that would be comfortable for you.