Most New Guitar Players Quit Within Three Months – Find Out Why

Why did my kid quit?

“I searched for the best price and most recommended guitar, and my kid still quit!”.

This does not have to happen to you or your kid. Most guitar recommendations come from inexperienced buyers who feel they got the best guitar for the best price. And they are excited about it, as they should be! They are happy when they receive the guitar and hopeful for their kids musical success.

But how do they feel weeks or months later when their kid hardly picks up the guitar or they just quit? Your child no longer wants to play it. Unfortunately, this happens more often than not.
What happened?

When you purchase a new guitar, it is not ready to be played. Guitars do not come setup and adjusted to be easy to play. Consumers are almost completely unaware that new guitars are hard to play right out of the box and some are even impossible to play.

Why most new players quit

  • The strings are hard to hold down
  • It hurts their fingers
  • The notes do not ring clearly
  • They are not rewarded with good results for all their efforts
  • Their first impression is, “This is too difficult”

The consequences

  • They are frustrated because they wanted to learn to play
  • They believe they lack the ability to learn to play the guitar
  • They may believe they lack musical ability
  • After weeks or months with no results, they may never pick up another instrument again
  • The only apparent thing to do is quit
  • Self esteem is diminished
  • A lifetime of music-making is lost

How we solve this problem

We make refinements and improvements so the strings are easy to hold down.

  • This greatly reduces finger pain and discomfort
  • Notes ring clearly
  • The player immediately gets good results
  • You learn faster and play longer
  • Positive results generate the desire for continued learning
  • We help you select the right size and style of guitar

We make entry and intermediate level guitars play like professional instruments that cost Thousands of Dollars. You get a great playing guitar without investing thousands of dollars and greatly reduce the risk of quitting or developing bad playing habits.

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