Three Essentials for Learning the Guitar

The following elements are necessary for most students of the guitar:

  • A desire to learn
  • A good teacher
  • A playable instrument

Without a desire to learn, there will be little motivation to invest study and practice time on an ongoing basis. A good teacher is important because they are responsible for understanding the student’s learning style, as well as their musical needs and desires, and then gearing the lessons accordingly. A good teacher empowers a student to enjoy their guitar quickly, and learn efficiently.

Finding a playable instrument is where most beginning players and parents are likely to make an uninformed choice. Even some experienced students simply do not know enough about the differences between guitars to make an appropriate decision. Therefore the decision is often solely based upon price. Even if price is a concern, keep in mind that, in the long run, an instrument which is not easily playable will end up costing you more in time, frustration and money.

The best guitars for . . .