What is Fret Buzz?

Because we only carry and sell guitars that are well made and constructed to play easily with a high degree of adjustability, you may experience some slight fret or string “buzz” from time to time. This is to be expected because of temperature and humidity changes and because these guitars are made to give the new player ease of playing.

Other manufacturers may avoid these minor problems, but at the expense of having the strings too high. This makes the instrument difficult to play.

If you are an experienced player and desire to play more aggressively with very little fret buzz, have an experienced repair person adjust the action for you.

Our line of guitars and basses are very adjustable with a fully functional truss rod.

* Nut and saddle adjustments or replacements can easily be made by a qualified instrument repair person.

* Adjustable truss rods are not installed in three quarter or standard size guitars.