Acoustic Guitars for Ages 12 to Adult

How to Choose

  • Do you have an average body size? Either a 40″ or a 41″ will work for you.

  • Are you petite or plus size? We recommend the 40″ acoustic.

40 Inch vs 41 Inch Acoustic guitars

Size and Shape

The body of a 40 inch “Concert Size” acoustic is not as deep as a 41 inch “Dreadnought” acoustic, so you can hold it closer. This makes it more comfortable to play if you are petite or plus size.

If you are average size, you will be able to access the notes and strings on either guitar comfortably.

Tone and Loudness

The 40″ guitar is more evenly balanced than a 41″ acoustic. This means that the tones and frequencies project evenly whether you are playing low or high notes.

A 41″ acoustic has deeper tone and is “boomier” in the bass and lower mid frequency ranges. The bass notes project more, giving the impression of increased loudness compared with the 40″.

Overall Recommendation

If you are undecided, we would recommend the 40″ Concert Size acoustic in most cases.

It is our subjective belief, based on our experience in lessons and in the recording studio, that the Concert Size acoustics have the best combination of tone quality and comfort. We feel they are more comfortable to play than 41″ Dreadnoughts and sound better due to the more evenly balanced frequencies.

The Firstguitar Difference

It’s like having your own guitar tech:

Easy and convenient buying experience.

  • Guitar packages available – easily add a guitar tuner and other essentials to your order.
  • 6-Month financing available
  • No-hassle return policy
  • All inspections, adjustments, repairs, and modifications performed in our in-house workshop
  • Questions? Get answers directly from our teachers and guitar techs.

Whether you need an instrument for recording, practicing, or performing, FirstGuitar’s expertly-adjusted guitars provide teenage and adult musicians with a top-quality instrument that’s guaranteed to be among the best you’ll ever hold in your hands. Each guitar is meticulously inspected and adjusted to assure its outstanding playability and sound quality.

Unlike guitars you will buy anywhere else at the same price points, our guitars are treated in a very special and unique way and they are ready to play, right out of the box.

How can we help you? Get answers directly from our teachers and guitar techs.